How PDM works

Ultimately, YOU decide!!!!  

Take advantage of your free consultation with any of the choices below!

It goes without saying that the anxiety of committing to different vendors and paying large bills without seeing the final product can get a bit overwhelming.  The PDM pinterest process could be worth looking into if you are at this point in your planning process!  This is not for everyone, but for a lot of brides this has turned into a life savor.  You send us your favorite inspiration pictures along with a few details and within a week we will have a proposal drawn up for you free of charge.  This not only gives us the time we need to get to know your vision and get a plan for your dream day started, but it also gives you a reference to go to when going over your budget.  The original proposal is just that, a base where we can add to, remove or completely redo.  This saves you time, money and will hopefully save you a whole lot of stress during your planning process!   Be sure to check out our other options below and ask for proposals on any custom packaging!  


Easy as Pie:  You place an order, You pick up, You return.  $Rental Cost Only

Piece of Cake:  You place the order, We deliver, We Pick up.  $Delivery Fee Added

No Sweat:  You allow PDM to help you design your big day as well as using any of our other offered services!  $Package Pricing Available

Easy Breezy:  You tell us what you need to make your day a breeze.   $Package Pricing Available


Day Of Decorating Coordinating available when using PDM for design, décor, florals or rentals. $Full Service Packaging Available





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